Political Mechanism Lab

The lab aims at studying various political mechanisms in comparative & international politics.

A ‘theory-based approach’ which has been solidifying its position as a mainstream research method for politics signifies critical limits of not being able to explain the real-life political affairs properly, and of being insufficient in suggesting viable political solutions for many impending problems in our society. As a result, an ominous phenomenon of ‘alienation between theory and reality’ is now becoming apparent in the realm of politics. To overcome these limits, a comprehensive research on all three of ‘working format’, ‘working method’, and ‘working principle’ in numerous political phenomena of the sheer diversity is requested. Based on this general guideline properly labeled as a ‘mechanism-based approach’, the lab attempts to understand and analyze various political problems, and to bring about some more feasible solutions for them. The lab consists of two sub-labs; political mechanisms in comparative politics and political mechanisms in international politics.

Meet The Team

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