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Critical Approaches to Political Science Lab
Societal Security Studies Lab

#Feminism #Postcolonialism #Feminist IR


Ugly Agency is not only Ugly but Agentic: A case of Womad

(2022.01) 2022 제 1회 연세대학교 정치학과 BK21 리서치 콜로키움

22. 1. 25.

Unintelligible Intelligibility as a Mode of Resistance: A Social Drama of Womad

(2021.08) 류혜민 연세대학교 정치학과 석사학위논문

21. 8. 25.

Embracing Postcolonialism in Korean Political Science

(2021.04) ISA Virtual Convention 2021: Postcolonialism and Political Science in Northeast Asia Panel Session.

21. 4. 5.

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