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석사과정 수료

Environment-Energy-Urban Politics Lab
Climate Adaptaion Living Lab Ad-hoc Lab

#환경-에너지정치, #국제정치경제, #비교정치경제

Hello, my name is DaHye, Kang. I’m interested in a sustainable society, and I hope to study how the political power can give rise to the social-economic development. For this, I’m usually focusing on Political Economy and Ecopolitics.

My research question is “Why is it difficult for developing countries to keep up with the economic standards of developed countries?”, “Why is it difficult for the developed countries to keep high economic growth rate?” And I thought the key solutions of these questions are broaden approaches to economic development such as environment, governance, infrastructure, etc. Thus, I’m studying these topics and I expect to raise my study capability through BK21 work.

Thank you.

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